Small Group Exercise Classes


PiYO – PiYo is a type of group exercise class that incorporates a mix of Pilates and Yoga together.  It is faster paced than yoga alone.  A great class as it strengthens and tones the body.

HIIT – This class gives results!!  HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is a training method in which you give short, intense, all out efforts followed by brief periods of recovery or active rest to allow you to keep your heart rate up and keep your fat burn going!  This definitely improves your cardiovascular fitness as well and muscular endurance.  It’s a great all around workout!

YOGA – Basic Hatha, gentle yoga, all ages and levels are welcome.  Our intructors are able to help modify and turn up the inyesities as needed.  Perfect for the beginner looking to improve their flexibility, the seasoned yoga enthusiast or the athlete looking to add the much needed flexibility to their training regimen.

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