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What is it?

The program/workouts are written and designed by Max Testa.  The program uses a scientific approach to assist athletes with their training goals.  Participants can enjoy a tailor-made training program based on their individual fitness profile.  Using your own bike, and an instrument for measuring power, exercise intensity is precisely prescribed whether you are triathlete training for an Ironman, or a novice rider wanting to stay in shape over the winter.

Max Testa is a sports medicine physician whose methodology emphasizes the importance of a fine-tuned human engine to help athletes reach peak performance. In Max’s words, “athletes get distracted trying to lighten the weight of their bike or become more aerodynamic, yet they forget to check their own engine and implement quality training that affects the running of that engine”. His unique sports medicine background and extensive European training in exercise physiology give Max profound insight into and expertise with effective training and implementation methods to reach the acme of performance.

Max Testa has worked for 28 years with professional cycling teams as a team physician. He began in 1986 with the American 7-Eleven Professional Cycling Team and continued with Motorola, MG TechnoGym, Mapei, and currently supports the BMC Racing Team as Chief Medical Director. He has participated as coach and team physician in over 30 grand tours, including Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Tour of Spain, and prominent one day races such as World Championships for both American professional and national team cyclists and the Classic northern European, Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix.

Max Testa’s wealth of practical knowledge, keen insight, and valuable skill comes from working with elite, international-level cyclists, including Cadel Evans (2011 Tour de France winner and 2009 World champion); Tejay van Garderen (2014 Tour de France 5th place finisher, 2013 Tour of California and 2013,2014 USA Pro Cycling Challenge winner);  Levi Leipheimer(2011 winner of the Tour of Switzerland, Tour of Utah and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge); Andy Hampsten (only American to win the Tour of Italy); Davis Phinney (multiple Tour de France stage winner); and Paolo Bettini (Italian 2004 Olympic gold medalist)

Max now wants to share this information with any athlete who desires to reach their highest athletic potential so he designed and wrote the workouts for the program.

How does it work?
This program includes 6 week blocks of training.  Each class meets twice a week.   During each class, an instructor will guide the participants through a training program based on 5 power ranges.  Each participant will train on their personal bike which is hooked up to a CompuTrainer, and refer to their individual power zone recommendations retrieved from their individual fitness profile.

How do I get my individual fitness profile?
Max Testa uses a lactate test performed on the bike to determine each athlete’s individual power zones.  The test lasts about 20 minutes during which time blood lactate levels will be measured under increasing exercise intensities.  This test is a great tool for developing individualized training zones, and therefore, improving aerobic performance effectively and efficiently.  Not only is it a predictable objective way to evaluate each athlete’s fitness level, but a starting point for measurable improvement.  We require a mandatory lactate test to begin the program, and recommend a retest during the winter as power zones can change with improved fitness.

Who do I call or email to schedule my lactate test?

Judd VanSickle will be performing the lactate tests for the individual fitness profiles.  The initial lactate test costs $150 and must be done before the first class begins.

Contact Judd VanSickle for appointment at:

How many blocks of training are available?
Max Testa Training will generally offer 4 blocks of training through the fall and winter.  Each phase will gradually build in intensity while focusing on different training-induced improvements, including central (heart, lungs and blood) and peripheral (muscle fibers) adaptations.

How do I get started?

To sign up for CompuTrainer Cycle classes, contact Julie Visger (916) 769-2299 or contact us.

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